The appropriate duration for digital video

The digital materials that are produced are diverse and platforms have specific areas for them. The short digital story is singled out for 2:30 and the long story is singled out for 11 minute.

The nature of the content

Your identification and personalization of the topic will facilitate the collection of data and information, and thus will help you to highlight the desired specific angles of the target for a specific period

 The amount of information varies from story to story and your dependence on a specific time period contributes to enhancing your content and making a mark

 For example, a story about “the Israeli conflict in Palestine is singled out for a longer period of time than the Israeli conflict in Lebanon”

   Copyright policies

You must define the editorial policy with clear goals for the public to accept and become as an icon as each institution distinguishes its digital platform through its style and goal.

 For example, it is customary for a “Maidan Page” to present digital stories that exceed five minutes and may extend to 10 minutes

When you put up the story, you must define and choose the platform that matches the time by knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each platform with your digital content. Your question is where will you publish your digital story. Facebook and YouTube singles out an unlimited period while Instagram sets the time to 60 seconds, and Twitter sets it at 2:22 minutes.

 You must know the audience of the platform and its desires and whether it will accept a short video
or a long video or not interest in your platform

For example, Meedan platform audiences allow long videos that exceed 10 minutes

While the AJ + platform provides short videos of no more than two minutes

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