Story platform launch


Palm Media launched the interactive “Story” platform with a wide range of productions and digital formats

Story is a platform to enrich the influential youth content on social media, with a wide and distinctive set of digital productions that highlight the stories and stories of people who digged their successes on the rock of suffering and reached the summit with their determination and determination

The director of the company, Mr. Yahya Zain Al-Din said, “The platform aims to enhance the influential and effective youthful digital content on social media in addition to providing a model that reflects the company’s ability and its teams to produce all digital forms with skill and professionalism.”

Zainuddin noted that the digital materials attached to the platform meet research and writing skills for the image, design, montage, drawing, motion graphics, photography and other skills that the company provides in a distinctive and elaborate manner.

He pointed out that the work and preparation team worked hard to produce various digital forms with various series, including long and short digital video, comics and infographics.

To follow the Story platform on social media
http: // @ YallaStory

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