Launch of the media coverage and live broadcasting service


Palm Media has launched a media coverage and live broadcasting service

 One of the first companies to provide live broadcasting service in the Gaza Strip with HD system and multi-camera technology on social media

The director of the company, A. Yahya Zain El Din, said that “the company and its staff seeks to keep pace with development and modernity in addition to opening up to the job market and meeting the needs of clients and customers.”

 Zainuddin explained that the service facilitates communication and communication between institutions and companies across the outside world by providing many accompanying services, the most prominent of which is professional video shooting for promo production and photography in addition to the publishing and Twitter service accompanying the event

 The company provided services to many local institutions in the Gaza Strip, most notably the Business and Technology Incubator at the Islamic University, the UCAS Incubator at the University College of Applied Sciences, the Hash Code and Hult Prize competition, and many local conferences

The live broadcast is the most powerful service on social media platforms, three times superior to the power of regular video, according to the Facebook announcement

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