How is a unique digital story?

Digital story

An art that revolves around an event, person, or place in which sound, image, movement, text and graphics are used, and is published on social media platforms, television channels, websites and marketing companies.

But have you ever wondered how the digital story is?

Stages of the digital story

The digital story goes through several stages of brainstorming the idea, reaching the writer and production. Learn about the stages of producing the digital story

Choose an idea
 You have to give yourself time to brainstorm and dig deeper

  Who asked the question “What is the idea?” And where do we get it? “

You have to choose an idea that interests the audience and meets its cognitive needs, and try to address it from a different angle and treat it in an attractive manner, in addition to taking into account the timing and attention to daily events, whether political, social, or sports, among others.

Where do you get the idea?

Your ocean for
Media and social media
Personal situations
Being informed and researched

  1. Collect information.

The in-depth search and the ability to see idea information will enable you to collect information that serves your story and your goal. This step gives you the ability to have several options in starting with the appropriate angle, closest and most important to the audience.

Make sure before completing this stage that you have all the important information and do not forget to search in the sources in the English language, which is more accurate and professional and includes information that you may not find in the Arab sources.

  1. Prepare the scenario.

Digital image writing requires a high skill and wide understanding of the writer’s needs of the audience and what interests him to invest in his story that does not exceed 120 seconds

This experience comes with daily practice and writing and working within a professional team that is more interested in producing a professional video quality than in the amount produced.

However, these are the 3 most important tips we give you as you write:

  1. Determine your goal in producing the story: What do you want to tell the audience?

The answer to this question in an accurate and clear way will help you in selecting the important information that should be included in your story and will make your article clear and relevant to serve the wishes of the public of the communication sites.

  1. The first 3 seconds:

The first 3 seconds is enough to attract or alienate the viewer from your story, and it is you who judge it by success or failure. Pay attention to the beginning, and make sure to include the element of attraction and suspense for the viewer.

  1. Simplicity in writing:

You have to pick out smooth words, expressive and simplified sentences, and in addition to associative writing, to facilitate understanding without complicating and exaggerating the audience.

  1. Number of words and sentences

There is no rule: Do not adhere to a specific number of words and do not elaborate. You should pay attention to the beginning and the end

 5. Write via drive documents

 The program will help you in writing, editing and editing, and you can exchange opinions with the team smoothly.

  1. Avoid grammatical and spelling mistakes:

Review the final draft linguistically and grammatically before submitting it to the montage to avoid making mistakes

  1. Assembling the optical material

  The digital story draws its forces from the text and visual material used

 Audio, video, music, and audio recordings

 It can be obtained through

Your photography and video
  Online search engines
 YouTube platform
Interviews and dialogues
Drawing on design programs
  “Base “

The more the visual material is proportional to the text and varied, the more it reflects the complexity of your research and your interest in the story. It is not a requirement that you use all visual materials in one story.

Do not save or download images from search engines. Use their links and place them next to the text to facilitate the editing process and avoid losing its quality.

  1. Editing and posting

It is the final stage in the story, but it accompanied you from the beginning when you embarked on the idea and put the text with the unified visual material by imagining you to build it and start designing it on custom montage programs.

  1. Prefer to use Photoshop to write text and save it in specific templates to avoid errors in compiling the material to facilitate and save time and effort
  2. Use the Premiere software to compile text and video. You must change the snapshot wherever the story calls
  3. Arrange the scenes according to the scheme laid out for them and take care of transferring the scene in a smooth and fast manner and from one angle to another from adding different effects like transitions and different filters
  4. Paying attention to the first three seconds of its ability to attract or alienate the viewer to the story
  5. Use visual materials no less than hd quality, as well as making the story elements “sound, image, text, and effects” one unit consistent from the first to the last.
  6. You have to estimate the time and not to skip the short digital story for 2:30 minutes while the long digital videos exceed 11:30 minutes to get rich and varied.

 When the digital story is ready, do not publish it immediately?

  1. To avoid mistakes, you should consult your friends and present them to critics in the field of digital story in order to avoid errors and publish them strongly
  2. You must choose the appropriate time to display it

Judge your story by failure if the wrong timing is chosen and published in a republican event, for example, publishing the story “On the Jenin massacre coincidentally on the day of the Deir Yassin massacre”

  1. Use peak times to spread the story and how it fits with the platform on which it was published

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